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Hi, I'm Syed

Management Craftsman

Digital Strategist

Business Technologist

Startup Founder

Enterprise Architect

Change Maker





Coffee Enthusiast


I love to solve business problems using technology

Enterprise Digital

I’ve worked with global corporates on developing complex business strategies, managing mission-critical enterprise IT systems, driving business transformations and optimising scaled digital delivery.

Startup Innovation

I have proven experience with start-up methods and tools such as scaled Agile methodologies, Lean Start-up process and principles, Design Thinking, and Business Model, Value Proposition & Lean Canvases.

Change Leadership

I like to think about and influence how people work – as individuals and organisations – and how change affects and is effected by them.

Coffee Connoisseur

I have a weakness for coffee, chocolate and ice cream. Especially when combined together.

Corporate Profile

I have over 15 years of commercial experience in large corporate enterprises and global consulting firms. This enables me to combine business strategy and management skills with deep expertise in technology delivery using tools and methods such as Agile, Design Thinking and Human Centred Design.

People Leadership

It’s no fun working alone. I develop, motivate and engage great teams and cultivate cultures to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Business Transformation

Disruption is everywhere. I’ve lead organisations through strategic business, operational, structural and technology changes.

Digital Delivery

Let’s move beyond websites, EDMs and mobile apps. I bridge business strategy and implementation disciplines to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

Technology Management

Technology isn’t a cost centre anymore – it’s the fabric of competetive advantage. I have experience managing ICT portfolios that drive business performance.

A few organisations I have worked with

Startup Action

As the HBR article suggests, the Lean Start-Up changes everything. I have practical, hands-on experience applying Lean Start-up process and principles, Business Model / Value Proposition / Lean Canvases, and Agile software development methodologies in real-life startups at various stages of their growth.


Unicorns aren’t really all that pretty up-close. I’ve been part of early stage startups, and learnt a lot from the long days and late nights required to get them going.


Like Telemachus, having a mentor is invaluable. I mentor a handful of startup enterprenuers directly and as part of incubator programs.


Put the pedal to the startup metal. I have helped set up an accelerator to teach startups how to focus on building and shipping products that their customer love.


I have an portfolio of startups that I advise about everything from industry and talent introductions, fundraising, product launches and the other things that it takes to succeed.

Some organisations I have worked with

My Thoughts
“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.” – Barbara Kingsolver

When I get the chance, I write. Most of it is a considered reflection of my surroundings, observations and experiences, but sometimes also the odd gratuitous techno-lust inspired gadget review.


Reflections on Leadership and People Management – different, hard and rewarding.


Thoughts and tools to plan and strive for a purposeful career.


Ars longa, vita brevis. Tools and techniques to survive in a hyper-connected, ultra-busy world.

Random Stuff

Like it says on the label. Anything else, including random thoughts.

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